Road Frames and Forks




 Aaron's 52.5cm with Meetsauce patina. Secondary "headtube" is not needed for this size frame and rider but it's a trademark and requested.

Breeze drops, curved for better clearance at chainstays and shock dampening at seatstays.

Mark's frame has a darker patina. BB has gussets standard on most Meetsauces. This allows for lighter smaller diameter downtube and shell resulting in a supple ride yet very stiff where it's needed most. Dare I say stiffer than lugged BBs.

39mm rake from blades that are both curved and slightly offset. Henry James Stainless drops are an option.

Crowns are machined by Meetsauce. Blades are one inch round for laterally stiffness good for sprinting yet more supple than ovaled blades along tracking path for comfort. Sometimes simpler is better.

STI braze-ons or choose tradition down-tube shift bosses.