Split Seat-tube Track Frame

 Split seat-tube fixed track frame and fork. Set wheel at minimum for ultra short chain length of 37cm or 

at maximum for conventional length of 39.5cm. Also, this is a true track frame in that the bottom bracket height is 3cm higher allowing for aggressive cornering with no fear of pedal scraping. This is something road bike conversions lack and are unsafe as fixies.  All tubes are True Temper cr-mo made in U.S. brass filet brazed by me, Meetsauce. Frame was NOT sandblasted( bad for the thin steel ). Bike shown was powder coated black 40% gloss and weighs about 18 lbs. as is. Angles are 74 parallel, top length is 56.5cm, 53cm seat tube center to top. Plenty of stand-over room. Takes 27.2 seatpost, one inch head tube. Fork is of true track design, 24mm round blades with non-butted steer tube( no brake no need for heavy steer-tube ). This bike is light, aggressive, and quick. If you are a strong fixer, this is your new favorite bike. Call or write with Qs, Taylor 970 5816692. 

Double SS