Pricing and options

     Frames may be ordered unpainted, powder coated for an additional 85, Meetsauce patina'ed with clear-coat add 200. All frames are based with bottom bracket gussets and "secondary head tube" , not for strength, rather, for torsional "sprinting" stiffness. However, any feature maybe added or omitted. 

Track frame and fork: 700 unpainted

Road frame and fork: 800

Track fork no brake: 100

Road, cross, Mt., 29er fork: 125

Split seat-tube adds 100

Double bend seat-stays adds 40

Stems vary 50-75. Shown, one inch, 26mm clamp, meetsauce finish: 65

All stems are Meetsauce exchangeable. Undamaged stems may be returned for a different size or style for a fee of ten dollars.

Head badge, out-laid copper, my design or yours: 40-100


Home Sauce 

Call anytime for prices, Taylor 970-581-6692